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Facing Construction Foreclosure in Cobb County?

If you work in the field of construction or real estate, it is important that you have a Marietta based construction litigation attorney on your side who can help protect you in all of your transactions. While providing you with legal counseling and reviewing contracts can help to prevent some problems, it cannot eliminate the possibility of a dispute.

Regardless of the circumstances which have led up to your legal situation, we are here to help. At Reed Leeper, P.C., we want to give you peace of mind that when a transaction goes wrong and you are facing litigation or foreclosure, we are on your side.

Our firm offers representation to the following parties in construction litigation:

  • Suppliers
  • Owners
  • Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Developers

Representation for Lien Foreclosures

When you start a project and are working on a commercial or residential property, you expect that the other parties will hold up their end of the deal. However, even contracts that are in writing are not always respected by all parties. If you are not being paid on-time or at all and need to take action, we can provide you with valuable insight and representation.

Also known as mechanics liens, construction liens can often be enforced where services or work has been performed and the contract is not being held up. Our firm represents clients who wish to foreclose and collect on liens which are not being paid.

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You have a certain period of time in which you can move forward to foreclose on a lien which has not been paid. Are you interested in discussing your case with a skilled Marietta based foreclosure attorney? Our legal team would be happy to answer your questions and discuss your options during a free case consultation.

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At Reed Leeper, P.C., you will find attorneys who understand the complexities of the law, who get to know your business or individual needs, and who always keep your best interests as our top priority, whether you need to solve a legal problem or prevent one. Do not face your case on your own. Discover how our team can assist you when you discuss your case with Reed Leeper, P.C.

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