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As Marietta based residential collection attorneys, we represent clients who need assistance with a wide range of legal matters. Our dedication and experience has helped countless clients.

We can represent clients dealing with:

  • Enforcing and collecting on Georgia judgments
  • Out-of-state judgments involving a Georgia debtor
  • Foreign judgments

When you need help collecting on a debt, you don't want to waste time with a debt collection agency that may be able to assist up to a certain point, but lacks the qualifications to take legal action. Residents in southeast Georgia don't have to change horses in the middle of the stream. They know that Reed Leeper, P.C. has the knowledge and experience needed when navigating the complex process of residential debt collection.

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Steps to Take After a Successful Judgment

Wondering what steps to take after a successful judgment in your favor? We can help you understand the chain of events that must happen and how to professionally present your claim for maximum recovery or settlement. We're with you from the start, documenting proof and presenting the demand, building a case through methodical attention detail, and providing the full understanding of how to avoid nullification of filing, to litigation and final judgment. Georgia law then requires a lien to be filed on all real estate owned by the debtor, a complex process that prevents sale or refinancing until the judgment is paid in full.

You can trust us to professionally protect your rights and interests. We understand how assets are hidden and know the questions to ask and the records to request that bring the information to light. We want to discover multiple avenues to complete recovery through a combination of garnished wages, bank accounts, and real estate liens as well as any third-party interest that owes the debtor money.

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If you are not familiar with and completely comfortable with the intricate lien laws set forth by the state of Georgia, you shouldn't have to worry about what's happening or go at it alone. We strongly advise that you seek legal counsel before proceeding to avoid a mistake that might invalidate your claim.

For all residential collection concerns in southeast Georgia, contact our firm today.

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At Reed Leeper, P.C., you will find attorneys who understand the complexities of the law, who get to know your business or individual needs, and who always keep your best interests as our top priority, whether you need to solve a legal problem or prevent one. Do not face your case on your own. Discover how our team can assist you when you discuss your case with Reed Leeper, P.C.

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